The EnviroGro PRO CFL Twin Lamp Reflector accepts two EnviroGro CFLs and other makes of self ballasted lamps up to 300 watt. These reflectors are great for ...
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The EnviroGro PRO CFL Reflector brings together all the benefits of a closed dual parabolic design with the energy saving qualities of compact fluorescent light...
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If you want to use a CFL lamp with an IEC reflector - you can! The LUMii HID to CFL Converter Set allows IEC reflector leads to convert to a wall plug lead. ...
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The LUMii MAXii is a simple and easy-to-use Dutch barn-style reflector. It is an open ended highly polished and dimpled lightweight reflector which gives an ...
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Extremely useful product that allows you to either hanga CFL lampvertically in amongst your plants (great for adding blue spectrum in areas where pure sodium li...
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