LUMii Growroom Lenses are specifically designed to reduce the glare from HID to CFL grow lamps and protect the eyes. Identifying pest and plant disease issues i...
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If you want to use a CFL lamp with an IEC reflector - you can! The LUMii HID to CFL Converter Set allows IEC reflector leads to convert to a wall plug lead. ...
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Since light is the most important single factor affecting your plant's life cycle - a quality light meter is an essential tool in accurately determining if y...
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The meter is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light meaning that if you are not holding the sensor perfectly perpendicular to the light sourc...
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Ideal for hanging HID lamps in your growroom, or can be used as the wiring for your own reflector.
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Cord Set is ideal for lamps up to 600w.
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