The PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector is great for all general growroom needs where heat is an issue and it now has an easy clean hinged glass design. The PowerPlan...
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Completely sealed with double gasketed glass for an air-tight seal. Swing Stop® retention cable keeps glass from abruptly swinging down. Captured thumb screws ...
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Massive size for increased coverage area and excellent uniformity. Allows closer placement to plants. Includes tempered glass, removable frame, built-in socket ...
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The patented sealed optic technology allows removal of heat generated by the lamp without cooling the lamp. Made specifically for double ended 1000 watt HPS hor...
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A Great Mid range reflector with a great price to quality ratio, A new solid feeling reflector with an air tight glass shield allowing the reflector to be air c...
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The Coolshade (or cooltube) is an air-tight, fully sealed clear glass tube with a lamp mounting bracket in its centre. It's perfect for removing the excess heat...
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