Polyshield is a black and silver light & thermal radiation reflective polypropelene sheet. It has advanced properties through infused metals making it hi...
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Diamond Lightite has a raised diamond diffused pattern to spread light more evenly over the canopy of the plant allowing the light to be situated closer to your...
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Single Zippers are ideal for making permanent doorways in plastic sheeting.
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Orca Grow Film™ Sheet Material ORCA Grow Film™ is made from threads of a high density specialised reflective plastic which are bonded together creating a...
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Silver White Lightite is a yield increasing spectrum enhanced silver reflector, applied to a gloss white/triple layered grow sheet. Lightite silver white grow s...
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High quality black-white sheeting to provide basic reflection and protection for plants. Can also be used for ground cover. Up to 80% reflective capabilities. P...
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