This versatile high jet pump has a wide range of applications and is fully immersible. Plus it can be used inline (outside water). It is supplied with clip o...
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Quality Silicone Airline to attach pumps to air stones as needed. Silicone is flexible and long lasting. Will prevent algae forming inside the airline.
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High performance circulation pump with low power consumption, ideal for keeping your nutrient solution clear and aerated.
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The Hailea HX is ideal for pumping nutirents in NFT systems as it is designed for continuous usage. The pump has a flow regulator to accurately control the outp...
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Quality submersible oxy pumps with air intake valve to help oxygenate your hydro system. Air Intake Valve Fully adjustable Lift 0.7 Metres Maximum output 320 L/...
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Suitable for NFT, Flood & Drain and other system types, whether needed as a replacement for a pump in an established system or for use in a custom system de...
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