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Growmaster Mini Split Air Conditioning units are purpose designed for horticulturalists choosing the increasingly popular method of Closed Loop Horticulture.
The Growmaster provides refinements that are not found in standard domestic mini split units including compact, vibration free and literally whisper quiet condensers, internal active carbon filters inside the air handler to help clean re-circulating air and protect the life of the unit and provision to attach a CO2 canister for head height CO2 delivery straight through the air handler if using CO2 canisters. Growmaster ‘Inverter Technology’ slows down energy consumption as the target temperature is reached. This not only improves efficiency, it takes all ‘peaks and troughs’ out of the temperature maintenance in the area. The Growmaster does not consume water or require a water supply.
The Growmaster is delivered pre charged and comes with 3 meter chemically sealed hoses allowing fail safe installation by the user. Longer hose lengths are available on request. Once installed, the user simply dials in the required temperature using the remote control and the Growmaster will effortlessly maintain the settings, day and night, regardless of external conditions.
– THE only system that does not require an engineer for installation (No VAC pump required)
– Integral Active Carbon Filters to keep air handler free from airborne contaminants
– Built in CO2 diffuser for head height CO2 distribution if using CO2 canisters
– Silent running condenser. The ONLY noise is from the air passing through. Will not cause a nuisance to neighbours
– Inverter Technology ensures low amperage draw and accurate temperature maintenance
– No water consumption
– On and off site industry professional servicing and support available (England, Scotland and Wales)
– 5 Year warranty subject to regular servicing

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Spigot NewBergdorf™ GrowMaster, GrowMaster Optima, and Optima Tent climate controllers – for Closed Environment cultivation systems

Bergdorf™ proud to introduce their latest additions to the Bergdorf air source system family; GrowMaster and Optima. As a brand, the Bergdorf™ equipment has long been a name synonymous with efficiency, style and reliability within homes, offices and commercial environments throughout Europe.

In response to increasing consumer demand, at Bergdorf™ we have drawn on our skill and existing product knowledge to develop a climate controlling system that is ideal for maintaining and facilitating growth in horticultural environments.

With ever-changing and more frequent adverse weather conditions – the traditional method of open-air cultivation is experiencing industry turbulence and there is emerging support for Closed Environment Agriculture (otherwise known as Closed Loop systems). A tried and tested technique in the North American market – our system enables the end user to maintain key growing factors within an isolated room space. These include maintaining optimal temperature*, relative humidity*, in built controlled CO? diffusion, as well as an active filtration system of unwanted airborne particles. The system employs whisper technology ensuring silent operation 24 hours every day.

  • 12k Btu, 16K Btu, 18K Btu, 21K Btu (small chassis)
  • SMALL CHASSIS – MAX 10 m pipe run (20m with engineer)
  • 24K Btu, 30K Btu, 36K Btu (medium chassis)
  • MEDIUM CHASSIS – MAX 15 m pipe run (30m with engineer)
  • 48K Btu, 60K Btu (large chassis)
  • LARGE CHASSIS – MAX 20m pipe run (40 m with engineer)
  • Self installation (no engineer required) / discreet engineer installation .
  • Silent operation – ideal for minimal neighbour disruption
  • Supports CO2 application – Introduced at head height – mixed with temperature controlled air.
  • 24 hour replacement of consumables / rapid engineer response (where applicable)
  • Ideal suited for customers looking for optimal yield

*denotes factors that are not solely influenced by the equipment; i.e. also by room insulation, glazing quality, lighting, volume of air circulated per hour etc
spotlight1Many websites offer a variety of calculations to determine KW requirement; this is both confusing and more often conflicting!  This can be
simplified  for typical smaller cultivators as follows……
Standard 600w light source requires 2.05KW – 2.5KW cooling – traditionally considered for 1x1m up to 3x1m closed environments.  Calculations always by lighting effect rather than room dimensions (although use room size as a guide), so assume maximum space efficiency in use i.e. 15m2 room with 15m2 growing space.
Beyond this consider as standard other factors such as; ceiling height, no other heating influences, good insulation, and meets current building regulations (important not to overcomplicate basics with these variables).
Identify growing area size to determine how many bulbs will typically be in use – which in turn will give you a ballpark figure for KW requirement.
Refer this valve against model size availability and ask yourself which chassis size corresponds to needs;
Small chassis models of 12,000 Btu (3.5KW output), 16,000 Btu (4.2KW), 18,000 Btu (5.3KW), 21,000 Btu (6.2KW)
Medium chassis models of 24,000 Btu (7.0KW), 30,000 Btu (8.2KW), 36,000 Btu (9.4KW)
Large chassis models of 48,000 Btu (14.0KW), 60,000 Btu (16.4KW)
Build in a failsafe which would see you promote the highest end BTU model in its appropriate chassis size (i.e. 21K model in place of a 12K model, 36K model in place of a 24K model).
This should offer for room for future expansion of growing area, account for seasonal temperature variations, improve equipment lifespan (less strain on a bigger compressor), all within the same physical dimensions as the smallest size unit in that chassis range.

GrowMaster / Standard Inverter equipment are a key component to achieve a closed loop horticultural system.
21K and 36K models through experience are best sellers – customer preference!
No 2 growing environments will ever be exactly the same, but rule of thumb will provide good support
For more detailed calculations e.g. more complex/unusual environments (‘T’ or ‘L’ shaped rooms, cellars, containers etc) call us during/outside of office hours on 0845 0570343 for support.


Growmaster 12K, Growmaster 16K, Growmaster 18K, Growmaster 21K, Growmaster 24K, Growmaster 30K, Growmaster 36K


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