Ram Carbon Filter

These Carbon Filters will filter all the unnecessary smells and leave the air extracted from your garden odour free. Our Carbon Filters are made from high quality virgin carbon specifically manufactured for air treatment. The fabric sleeves on this type of filter should be changed every three months to protect the life of the carbon.

from £28.00
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Ram Carbon Filter - 4-100x200-170m3hr 4"- 100x200- 170m3/hr £28.00
Ram Carbon Filter - 5-125x475-350m3hr 5"- 125x475- 350m3/hr £44.00
Ram Carbon Filter - 6-150x475-500m3hr 6"- 150x475- 500m3/hr £58.00
Ram Carbon Filter - 6-150x600-700m3hr 6"- 150x600- 700m3/hr £82.00
Ram Carbon Filter - 8-200x600-850m3hr 8"- 200x600- 850m3/hr £90.00
Ram Carbon Filter - 10-250x600-1080m3hr 10"- 250x600- 1080m3/hr £110.00
Ram Carbon Filter - 12-315x800-1350m3hr 12"- 315x800- 1350m3/hr £178.00
Ram Carbon Filter - 12-315x1250-2400m3hr 12"- 315x1250- 2400m3/hr £220.00

Premium Quality RAM Carbon Filters – Grow Room Odour Removal/Air Filtration – Made with Quality RC412 Carbon

Professional Carbon Filters – Packed with Quality RC412 Carbon, Life expectancy of 12 Months +

The RAM Pro Active Carbon Filter Range is built with quality in mind. Each filter is packed with high quality carbon and sealed with expansion foam to keep compression and avoid odours escaping.

Guaranteed to do the job – Easy to use and offer unbeatable value for money

Weight 5 kg

10″- 250×600- 1080m3/hr, 12″- 315×1250- 2400m3/hr, 12″- 315×800- 1350m3/hr, 4″- 100×200- 170m3/hr, 5″- 125×475- 350m3/hr, 6″- 150×475- 500m3/hr, 6″- 150×600- 700m3/hr, 8″- 200×600- 850m3/hr



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