Co² Sensor for Dimlux

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Co² Sensor for Dimlux - 5m 5M £465.00
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Product Name: Co ² sensor Dimlux

The Co ² Sensor Dimlux measures the number of PPM content (Parts Per Million) Co ² in space. The Dimlux Co ² sensor must be connected plug the Co ² generator which will produce the desired PPM level in the room. During the light period Co ² The Dimlux Co ² Sensor works in combination with the Maxi Controller Dimlux that can be used. Desired PPM level continuously adjustable Also, the Dimlux Co ² sensor includes a light sensor which is the difference between day and night detects so there overnight no additional CO ² is produced by the Co ² Generator.
The Dimlux CO ² sensor should be installed in the space itself, at a considerable distance from the generator so that the Co ² ² Sensor Co. Dimlux the correct PPM content can measure.


5M, 10M


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