Exodus 4 Pot RDWC System

The Exodus 4 Pot RDWC System constantly re-circulates the nutrient solution to maintain a more balanced solution.

 Once the system is full the tank can be refilled and a float fitted in the Header Pot will maintain the full level for a much longer period.

 The air pump should be left running 24/7 and the re-circulating pump can be run permanently or at timed intervals.

 Plant Spacings: 65cm

 Dimensions: 21 litre Pots = 140 x 98 x 35cm

                         27 litre Pots = 150 x 103 x 34cm

 Tank: 100 litre                 Air Pump: 20 l/m



White lids reflect light and maintain cooler temperatures

 Iceline pipe maintains cooler temperatures

 6″ heavy duty baskets support large plants

 Float set and tank automatically top up system

 Low running costs and low maintenance

 Plug and play design


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