Exodus 6 Pot Aeroponic System

The Exodus 6 Pot Aeroponic System requires only a small amount of clay pebbles to hold and support your plants.

 Minute feed times can be set with the turn of a dial, providing accurate feed times daily when the lights are on.

 Dimensions: 220 x 103 x 38cm

 Tank: 100 litre




White pots maintain cooler temperatures

White pots reflect more light to plants

 27 litre pots allow huge root systems

 Drain filters contain roots in each pot

 19mm drain lines for efficient draining

 Superpro timer for precision feed times

 Automatically removes excess solution

 Plug and play design for novice or pro

As with any aeroponic system, maintaining low temperatures for the roots and nutrient solution is very important and these aeroponic systems certainly do, with white 27 litre pots and Iceline pipe used to maintain lower temperatures and reflect the light back towards the plants.

 The plants are held in 3.5” mesh baskets which are pinned to the lids to ensure the plants stay upright and in place and the roots are suspended below inside the black inner pot, which contains them in the dark.

 The stored nutrient solution is pumped at timed intervals and delivered into each pot through two inverted sprinklers and this design ensures there is no entanglement with the root system and it covers the entire pot inside.

 Excess solution can drain freely from each pot through a filter and run to the Header Pot where it is automatically pumped and re-circulated back into the main tank.

 The timer supplied is a Superpro recycling timer which allows precision feed times to be set with accuracy, ranging from 15 seconds to 5 hours for the On period and 15 seconds to 13 hours for the Off period. We recommend setting the timer to feed for two minutes with a 10 minute Off period, during your lights On cycle.


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