Exodus Oxypot – Hybrid Deep Water Culture Drip System

The Exodus Oxypot covers all the issues associated with 1 pot DWC systems in one fell swoop.

It is manufactured with 27 litre containers, black on the inside to contain the solution and root system in the dark and white on the outside to aid with cooling and reflect the light back up towards the plant.

Dimensions: 38 x 38cm


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It comes with a Hailea SS3 air pump which is adjustable and can deliver a maximum of 3.2 litres of air per minute into the solution to provide high oxygen levels. Iceline pipe is used for the air to flow through and this pipe helps to reduce and maintain a cooler air flow into the solution. The air pump is connected to a 4” round flat air stone which provides an excellent spread of bubbles flowing directly below the 6” mesh basket.


The basket has an inverted basket placed in the base and this dramatically increases the amount of air that flows through the media and main plant roots, which helps to speed up the growth rate of the plant.


The Exodus Oxypot also contains a small pump which is connected to a drip ring in the basket. This allows young freshly rooted plants to become established very quickly in the system without any need for hand watering and this design also helps to maintain a more balanced solution for a much longer period as it re-circulates from top to bottom.


A clear blue viewing tube is fitted at the front of the system to easily see how much solution remains and it has a tap fitted as well which allows you to easily drain the system when ever required.


All round the Exodus Oxypot is truly a winner and it will allow any grower to cultivate one extremely large plant with ease.


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