Exodus 4 Pot RDWC Pro Flow Systems

The Exodus 4 Pot RDWC Pro Flow System combines a dual recirculation system, with two valves fitted above the pump. This allows the solution to recirculate through the base of the system or through the drippers at the top or if you want through both.

Once the system is full the tank can be refilled to prolong the period before the solution needs restoring as a float set will automatically top up the system.

 Dimensions: 65cm Plant Spacing = 160 x 103 x 38cm

                       100cm Plant Spacing = 198 x 138 x 38cm

 Tank: 100 litre            Air Pump: 30 l/min

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Exodus 4 Pot RDWC Pro Flow Systems - 65cm-ps 65cm PS £658.00
Exodus 4 Pot RDWC Pro Flow Systems - 100cm-ps 100cm PS £698.00

Dual recirculation above and below

 Drippers help establish plants quickly

 White pots maintain cooler temperatures

 White pots reflect more light to plants

 27 litre pots allow huge root systems

 Inverted mesh baskets increase air flow

 Recirculates quickly through 50mm pipe

 Float set and tank automatically top up system

 Plug and play design for novice or pro

Exodus RDWC Pro Flow Systems are the ultimate design for deep water culture, providing explosive growth rates and bountiful yields.

 Firstly they incorporate a top feed system with two drippers fitted in each heavy duty 6” basket and this helps to establish young plants in the system quickly without the need to hand water them. The 6” baskets have a 2” inverted basket in the base and this allows over three times the amount of bubbles to flow through the basket and media and deliver the air to the core of the main root zone.

 Large 50mm pipes connect the 27 litre pots allowing the nutrient solution to flow freely as it recirculates from the front to the back of the system, maintaining the set levels in each pot and the recirculating pump is fitted with two control valves and this allows you to control the recirculation above through the drippers and below through the large pipes, giving a dual flow option.

 The air system delivers a vast amount of bubbles into each pot through 4” flat round air stones and this supercharges the nutrient rich solution with oxygen to maintain high levels throughout the system. The white pots and lids help to reduce the temperature of the solution and they also reflect the light back towards the plants which also increases the growth rate of young plants.

 Exodus RDWC Pro Flow Systems are available with spacing’s of 65cm and 100cm between plants.


100cm PS, 65cm PS


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