Hesi Hydro Growth

Hesi Hydro nutrient is an easy-to-use, one part hydroponic feed that produces reasonable results in all growing systems. Hesi is a forgiving product that is ideal for beginners and anyone looking to keep things as straightforward as possible. As with all of the Hesi nutrients, Hesi Hydro will work best when used with the full range of additives –PK13/14, Root Stimulator etc. – although these are not essential if you want to keep things simple. Further information can be found on the Hesi website, or pick up a starter kit for a good range of their products. Using the full range of additives will help to ensure the health of your plants throughout their lifecycle and can increase yields when used correctly.


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Hesi Hydro Growth is enriched with plant-active elements that increase the plant’s energy and maintains healthy flora in the soil. HESI quality means: the purest ingredients, no fillers and therefore no residue. Hesi products are not available in all areas.

Hesi Hydro Growth contains proportionally more nitrogen components than Hydro Bloom, because in the growth phase the plant uses a lot more nitrogen for the production of new plant parts. The vital components are fully geared to the growth period, and this is why the plant is pampered in a hydro medium as well.



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