Nebuliser Hand Sprayer MAXI


Light weight and easy to handle, these Electronic Nebuliser Hand Sprayers, sometimes called foggers, are used for spraying pest control preparations, foliar treatments and cleaning and disinfecting areas such as indoor grow rooms, green houses, cellars, orchards and gardens.
They have a high powered motor that will spray liquids a maximum of 6 meters and a special valve inside the unit that regulates the liquid suction to produce a different density mist for your particular application. Droplet size is adjustable between 20-60 micron and 5ltrs of liquid is enough to saturate an area of up to 4500m3.

– Makes light work of spraying jobs
– Ultra fine mist makes foliar and pest control applications more effective
– Save money on expensive crop treatments 5ltrs covers 4500m3
– 3 nozzle
– 220V – 50 Hz
– 4ltr tank
– 3.5kg
– 29 x 43 x 26cm
– 20 – 60 micron droplet size


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