OptiClimate Pro 3 Series

Opticlimate Pro = Cooling + Heating + Dehumidifying + Circulation + Filtering air


The OptiClimate Pro 3 Series water-cooled air conditioner is the only true total solution for indoor climate control. It cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air.
It was developed independently, resulting in a fully optimised & efficient product that controls the indoor climate perfectly while using as little energy as possible.
The OptiClimate cools the air using water as coolant and heats it by means of ceramic heaters.

Most complete stand alone climate system!

Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air with a single appliance

Water cooled, you don’t need external chillers

Fully automatic because of the light sensor; set temperatures and ready to go!

Built-in temperature and water leakage safety switch

There is a OptiClimate of 3,5KW, 6KW, or 10KW 15KW cooling capacity.

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OptiClimate water-cooled air conditioner is a new solution for the indoor climate control. OptiClimate can be uses for circulation, cooling, heating, dehumidifying and filtering. There is more than five years of development and testing in OptiClimate. This has resulted in a fully developed and optimized product that allows to regulate the climate in to perfection, with the lowest possible power consumption.
OptiClimate cools the air using water as a cooling medium and heats through ceramic heating elements. Because water is a much better cooling fluid than air there is relatively little of needed. OptiClimate has a water inlet and outlet. The input is connected to the water supply. The drainage is connected to the sewer with a possible branch to a water or nutrient. The cold water is used to cool the air with the result that it is heated to 40-50 ° C. This warm water is discharged into the sewers or can be used for other purposes, such as heating in your room.
The included remote is also a controller that all processes are fully automated and run to follow. After the remote once to set the minimum temperature (night), maximum (day) and the times will OptiClimate depending on the night or daytime heating or cooling. The pre-set temperatures are not exceeded.
During daytime operation (cooling) OptiClimate dehumidify the air. Should it be desired OptiClimate can also dehumidify the night conditions so that the humidity is optimal.
There is a OptiClimate of 3,5KW, 6KW, or 10KW 15KW cooling capacity. More OptiClimates in a room can be installed depending on the need for cooling. The stated capacity is maximum, but can be used at all times for less cooling.
Through the use of oversized heat exchangers and the water as a cooling medium, a very high efficiency and hence low current consumption is achieved.
On a 22MM cupper pipe, in total 45 to 60KW of cooling power can be connected. On a 16MM copper pipe, it is possible to connect up to 25KW cooling capacity.
Because the Opticlimate is placed in a (semi) closed system, it is very easy to add CO2 without much waste, to the cultivation area, wherein the air is continuously recirculated. Since there will only be a limited export of air, no major CO2 equipment is needed and models up to 4KW are more then sufficient.
The Opticlimate PRO 3 Series is a unique solution to arrange perfection. Through the cooling and heating function, it is possible 365
days per year to achieve a stable climate in which you are never dependent on the outdoor climate.
It is possible, by means of a circuit board with advanced software to adjust various settings, so it is now possible for spaces slowly to warm up and cool down, even if the assimilation lighting is turned off.
The Opticlimate system works even better when combined with Dimlux lighting and a CO2 addition. By means of corresponding software it’s possible to adjust the behavior of CO2 and various control equipment to work together with the Opticlimate, to provide the perfect indoor climate.

Opticlimate Pro = Cooling + Heating + Dehumidifying + Circulation + Filtering air

 1+1= 3+System

By using 2 OptiClimates and 2 rooms and by placing 2 ventilators between the rooms, the day room will heat the night room, and the night room will cool the day room.  With this simple set-up, you will be able to realise a higher cooling capacity using less power.

Unique functions

Dual room operation: with this function a single Opticlimate can be used to cool two rooms at the same time.
Pre-Heat: preheats the room when changing over from night to day.
Alarm log function: this function can be used to view any alerts

Product Name: Opticlimate 3500 Pro 3
Dimensions: 870 x 580 x 405mm
Weight: 57kg
Water consumption: 1 to 2 liters per minute (depending on cool water temperature)
Voltage: 230V
Connection: Phase 1 + 3×2.5 mm² D16-1F Machines
Heaters: 2x1500W

Product Name: Opticlimate 6000 Pro 3
Dimensions: 990 x 630 x 505mm
Weight: 80kg
Water consumption: 2 to 4 liters per minute (depending on cool water temperature)
Voltage: 230V
Connection: Phase 1 + 3×4 mm² D20-1F Machines or Phase 3 + 5×2.5mm² on a C-16 Machine
Heaters: 3x1500W

Product Name: Opticlimate 10000 Pro 3
Dimensions: 1050 x 660 x 505mm
Weight: 120kg
Water consumption: 3 to 6 liters per minute (depending on cool water temperature)
Voltage: 230V
Connection: Phase 1 + 3×4 mm² D25-1F Machines or Phase 3 + 5×2.5mm² on a D-16 Machine
Heaters: 3x2000W

Product Name: Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3
Dimensions: 1230 x 810 x 545mm
Weight: 160kg
Water consumption: 5 to 9 liters per minute (depending on cool water temperature)
Voltage: 400V
Connection: Phase 3 + 5×4 mm² D20-3F Machines
Heaters: 3x2700W



3500 Pro3, 10000 Pro3, 15000 Pro3, 6000 Pro3


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