The Underflo RDWC Hydrosystem is a true hydroponic method for growing plants. Oxygen and nutrients are added to containers of water to supply plants with everything they need to grow with minimal amounts of media. Supergro Underflo DWC 6 pot system available in 3 variation:

-500mm  Plant Centers with 50mm Pipe/Fittings

-650mm  Plant Centers with 63mm Pipe/Fittings

-800mm  Plant Centers with 75mm Pipe/Fittings

from £559.00
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SUPERGRO UNDERFLO DWC 6 POT SYSTEM - 500mm-pc 500mm PC £559.00
SUPERGRO UNDERFLO DWC 6 POT SYSTEM - 650mm-pc 650mm PC £612.00
SUPERGRO UNDERFLO DWC 6 POT SYSTEM - 800mm-pc 800mm PC £863.00

Maintaining your grow space or green house should be a happy experience!
We believe that a well organised growing space is maintained more frequently and this is something that your plants love. Because of the amount of solution in the underflo system, the PH and EC levels are very stable. Regular solution changes are the key to maintaining a stable soultion and the underflo has been designed with this in mind.
Hozel lock fittings allow fast connection to a waste pipe and with the water pump, can empty and refill the system in minutes. The large filter keeps the solution clean and can be isolated by the in-line tap for easy cleaning of the filter element. All nutrients and supplements can be added to the header tank.
An additional top up tank can be connected to the low pressure valve, making this system one of the easiest hydroponic systems to maintain. With this large volume of the solution it will run for weeks before needing any attention.


500mm PC, 650mm PC, 800mm PC


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